Model Railway Collector Database

Model Railway Image Database Software Pro


Very easy to use for those with little computer experience

Suitable for any type of model railway collection including accessories

Suitable for G Scale HO Scale – Athearn Atlas Austrains Bachmann Fleischmann Hornby Kits Life-Like Marklin Lima Powerline Roco Track, Accessories, Scenery Building, Structures Figures, People Scenery, Trees Track Tyco
Trains Parts N Scale O Scale OO Scale Publications Toy Trains

Also allows a record to be kept of service, modifications and repairs including cost, total cost per item and a grand total cost for all items.

Based on Microsoft Access which ensures future compatibility


  • Can use JPG BMP and GIF image files.
  • Large images can be used. Image Frame is 510 x 340.
  • Simple image insertion. Just click once on the image field and select your file.
  • Database capacity is a minimum 125,000 records, enough to cater for even the largest collection.
  • Allows you to keep a record of your model railway collection in one very simple to use package.
  • Records have large image fields (510 x 340 pixels) which show good detail.
  • There are 9 image fields per record allowing the insertion of your images and easy viewing.
  • An Image Report allows viewing of all images together and can also be printed.
  • Viewer function which launches currently viewed image in the default Windows viewer. 
  • Index on title, category and scale fields for fast record retrieval.
  • Printing of records is also available.
  • Enter duplicate records easily using duplicate record – creates a copy of current record – which saves data entry time where multiple same records are entered.
  • Main Form Fields for Title, Manufacturer, Category, Sub Category, Type, Scale, Material, Production Run, Storage Location, Purchased From, Assembly Type, Prototype, Class, Road Number, Livery, Wheel Arrangement, Coupler Type, Number Of Items, Next Service Due, Purchase Date, Sale Date, Certificate No., Number Made, Purchase Price, Sale Price, Catalog Value, Index Reference(Automatic),and Remarks, and checkboxes for Limited Edition, Certificate and Has Box.
  • Service Form Fields for Date, Item, Service or Modification Done, Parts Used, Done By, Cost. Also total costs for each item and grand total of all costs displayed. Subform displays all service records for selected item.
  • Control buttons for View All Records, Previous Record, Next Record, Find Record, Edit Filter, Apply Filter, Remove Filter, Filter By Selection, Add New Record, Delete Current Record, Duplicate Record, Service Repair Modifications, and more. Various other menu controls such as Print or Filter By Selection are also available.
  • There are also running totals for the whole collection for Purchase Price, Sale Price and Catalog Value, which can be handy for insurance purposes.
  • Drop down menus can be edited easily by the user, allowing easy access to your commonly used data.. See attached image for a suggested method of data entry.
  • A find record facility and filters can also be used to filter on one or more fields.
  • Reports for Details and Images available to view on screen or print. Reports can be easily filtered to display desired records only.
  • File and web links per record can link a file on your PC such as video, document etc, or a link to a web page.
  • A must for keeping track of your expensive model railway collection.
  • CDROM Suitable for Windows 2000 SP3 or later including Windows XP Windows Vista and Windows 7/8/10. 
  • Not suitable for Windows 8 RT.
  • Screen size 1024 x 768.

Price $27.00AUD

Cheque, money order or bank deposit payment available to Australian purchasers.

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